Velasmooth™ Before & After Photos

Browse through our patient results and see how VelaSmooth™ has helped them.

Before and After Clinical results from Velasmooth Cellulite and Skin Treatments:

  • Upper left: Before and after pictures of cellulite reduction and skin treatment on the thighs, hips, legs, and buttocks of a female Velasmooth clinic patient. A black bikini and bare skin.
  • Top middle: Before and after clinical results shown in photographs of a man's stomach/abdomen, following treatment at a Velasmooth clinic. Blue swim trunks.
  • Top right: Clinical pictures (before and after) of a female waist / abdomen / stomach area, treated with Velasmooth cellulite and skin treatment system.
  • Bottom left: Before and after results pictures from Velasmooth celullite and skin treatment of the hips and buttocks. Bottom middle: Pictures of velasmooth celulite and skin treatment of a woman's stomach waiste area, before & after.
  • Bottom right: Rear view of legs, thighs, hips, waiste, and buttocks of female Velasmooth clinic patient before and after celulite and skin treatments.
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